Dominio do Bibei Brancellao 2006

Producer: Dominio do Bibei
Wine Name: B+
Type: Red
Wine Region/ Appellation Ribeira Sacra
Vintage: 2006
Grape varieties: 100% Brancellao
Alcohol: 12,5%
Guide Price: 73 $

Our Rating: ++++++^ (6+)

About the area:

This wine region, located in inland Galicia, dates back to the Romans who excavated the many terraces that are still present.

It is believed that Ribeira Sacra (“Sacred Shore”) takes its name from the 18 monasteries and hermitages that were founded in the early Middle Age, between the 8th and 12th centuries and which are located in the remote river valleys. The monks from these monasteries replanted the vineyards for their own consumption and maintained the grape-growing and wine-producing tradition until modern times. 

Steep vineyards jut into the Sil river, and the terraces are usually very small, making it impossible to mechanise vineyard activities such as pruning and harvesting. Access is often very difficult and at times only possible through the river.

Made up of rocky slabs with little soil, these vineyard sites are primarily planted with Mencia, but another varieties such as Brancellao or Merenzao for reds, and Godello, Treixadura, Dona Blanca and Albariño for whites are also approved as part of the Denomination.

The river’s influence is noticeable on the wine for its cooling effect.

Dominio do Bibei is located in the Quiroga-Bibei sub-area of the Ribeira Sacra D.O. Like all Ribeira Sacra sub-areas, is one of spectacular mountain ranges and chasing rivers, although is drier and harsher than the others sub-areas.

About the wine:

Grapes come from an spectacular vineyard in Pinol (Sober) owned by José María Prieto.  Slate and schist soil, west orientation and over 300 m of altitude.

2006 was one of the driest years in the previous three decades. Rainfall in September allowed for ideal maturation of the grapes, that where harvested in optimal health.

Fermented with indigenous yeast in 500 Litre barrels. Aged on the lees 19 months in 500 Litre 3-year-old French oak barrels. Has been bottled unstabilized and unfiltered. Then aged 30 months in bottle.


Best left open for at least 30 minutes before drinking.

Medium deep red-colored, with fine and complex aromas. A little closed at first. It then opens with mineral, mature cherries, nutmeg, caramel, violet flowers and a soothing depth.

Fresh in the mouth, tasty, slight, delicate. Good acidity, medium-bodied but firm tannins. Vibrant black cherry and mineral flavours. Tangy, floral and long at the finish, leaving minerals, herbs and red fruit behind. So easy to drink, it makes you want to go for another glass.

Delicious. Superb.


  1. Do not purchase a 2006 the wine is not a keeper so nothing more than 2009 will be ok to drink this year 2012.

    1. I have to disagree with the former commentary. I have tasted this vintage, and like Mariano have found an extremely good acidity and firm tannins. In my humble opinion, this wine will still improve in the next years.

    2. Why do you say that? You know the grape and its potential evolution? Do you know how this winery produces? I'm hoping to get two boxes in Liverpool Bibei wine I ordered recently.


  2. Anonymous, I agree with Vicente. To be honest, I think that this wine will be great until 2020...

    In any case, the 2009 vintage does not exist yet, they didn`t make Brancellao in 2007, and the 2008 will be soon on the market, but it's not yet.

  3. Hi Raphael,


    Of course I know the variety and its producer, (I've visited the fabulous vineyard last month), and I also know the winery and how they produce, I think it is well explained in the post, but if you have any doubt, please tell us.

    You made an excelent purchase for sure.


    1. Hi Mariano, im sorry! My words were for the anonymous, i see u know the wines very well. Cheers!


  4. I live in the area where the Menica grape is grown and Harvested. It is not a keeper, hence there are no vintages, all the wines from the Ribeira Sacra and Bierzo are young; never more than a few years old.
    The wine experts I believe are the ones who grow the grape.
    Sorry for the bad news folks.

    1. This is not a mencia wine, is a brancellao one. I am sure tha your advisers are quite good, nevertheless I have more confidence in my own senses.

    2. I'm afraid it's bad news for you dear anonymous.You can live in the area but I dont know if you know the variety Brancellao. Bibei domain is a very serious project and their wines too. In your area also comes a wine that I could test recently and it is in a great remember that not so long ago it was also moment to drink and, Regoa 2006 and 2007. until not long time ago in Rías Baixas also said the Albariño was wine only for a year.