Goliardo Caiño 2008

Producer: Forjas del Salnés
Wine Name: Goliardo Caiño
Type: Red
Wine Region/ Appellation Rías Baixas
Vintage: 2008
Grape varieties: 100% Caiño Tinto
Alcohol: 12,5 %
Guide Price: 25 €

Our Rating: +++++++ (7)

About the area

See previous post about Rías Baixas.

About the wine

The Caiño Tinto grape is a dark-skinned variety rescued from extinctionby a few vignerons. Rodrigo Méndez (with Raúl Perez support) was the first to re-discover this grape in the Rias Baixas area. The Caiño Tinto is primarily grown in Galicia, mostly in the Rias Baixas and Ribeiro areas, where, traditionally, was used in red wine blends that ranged from delicate and perfumed to medium-bodied and very sour.

In Portugal, Caiño Tinto is known as Borraçal and is used as a blending agent in the Vinho Verde red wines.

Vines are up to 40 years old, surrounded by eucalyptus trees over sand and granite soilgrow very close to the Atlantic sea, which takes the form of estuaries along the Galician coast in what is known as “Rías”.  Must is fermented in stainless steel tanks. Then the wine is aged 12 months in 500 Litre 5-year-old French oak cask.

My friend  and great sommelier Xoan Cannas (Golden nose 2004 in Spain) said about this wine: “Raúl Pérez and Rodrigo Méndez have given a new lease of life to Galicia’s native Caíño variety, helping the DO Rías Baixas reinvent itself with wines like this one”. 


Deep red hue with a light-red rim.

Intense and brave nose from the start. Acid redcurrant, amazing eucalyptus, swell, heavy sea, laurel, chalk at the deep end. 

Crunchy wine in the mouth, tight, savage acidity. Absolutely fresh and easy to drink. Dry, barely perceptible alcohol. Subtle tannins, like sand. The red fruit comes back vibrant. Very long and pleasant. A tribute to the area where it comes from, with its strong sea-side connection. Perfectly described by the memorable tagline “Tintos de Mar” (Seaside red wines).   .

Simply delicious. Freshness and terroir, all that I love in a wine.

Will be great with galician soft cheese, “Cocido Gallego” (boiled pork and vegetables), a bean stew (such as “Fabada”), or on its own with good conversation.

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