Top 10 Wines Under 10 Euros

I have been writing a blog in Spanish for over four years (http://www.mileurismogourmet.com) . Three years ago, the idea was born on this blog to establish a Ranking -a Top Ten list - of the best affordable Spanish wines.

The plan was to set-up a limit of 10 Euros per bottle (retail Price), and where blog visitors propose wines. It had to be a Ranking made with the consumer in mind, not clouded by comercial influence or sponsorship.

From the nomination onwards, any producer was free to send their samples for a blind tasting were wines would be ranked. The 24 strong panel was formed by a group of oenologists, wine producers, wine distributors, wine journalists, bloggers and wine aficionados. Everyone had to rank all wines without knowledge of what they were drinking. All labels removed, all bottles disguised. None of the producers paid to be part of the ranking. No panel members were paid, and should they were to taste their “own” wines during the ranking, those specific scores were taken out.

Our objectives were clear: to find and promote wines with an excellent price-quality relationship. Wines that are within reach of the expert consumer that is looking for something new, as well as for the general public looking for a good bottle. Ultimately we were hoping to reach the younger generations that as of today remain far from the world of wine because it may be perceived as “expensive” or “old”.

Three years on the the Ranking has been a resounding success: over 300 participating wineries, and ample national press coverage. Most of the press highlighted that the ranking has been going on for 3 years and has created a brand and a space of its own. Today we feel it has carved its firm place as a consumer reference point.

As its natural evolution we would like to give the Ranking an international dimension, to further promote Spanish wine abroad, so we will be featuring the winners on this blog too.

Over the next few weeks, you will be seeing on Wine Gossip from Spain tasting notes about some of these Top 10 wines under 10 Euros 2012. They are real gems. You won´t be disappointed. 

Hope you enjoy them. 


  1. Everyday you can find new wines that are ready to take on the world market. I really love wine even though I am not particular to the names, brands or even where modern wineries it can be bought. The best way to enjoy it is with friends or while eating a feast.

  2. Some would say that wine is good for the heart if taken with moderation. But if it’s taken in excess, better prepare yourself to health and oral related problems.

  3. There is a study that was conducted in Italy on red and white wine if drinking any of the two could be good for our dental health. They thought that red wine could have more antibacterial properties that white wine though red wine has a reputation for staining our teeth, but further research is needed to clarify this.