Capricho de Merenzao 2010

Producer: Ponte da Boga
Wine Name: Capricho de Merenzao
Type: Red
Wine Region/ Appellation Ribeira Sacra
Vintage: 2010
Grape varieties: 85% Merenzao, 5% Brancellao, 5% Sousón, 5% Mencía
Alcohol: 14,5 %
Guide Price: 25 €

Our Rating: +++++^ (5+)

About the area

See this previous post about Ribeira Sacra in here.

About the wine

The Ponte da Boga winery is located in Terra de Caldelas, an area with privileged varieties of wine with a very long history, as they were reported to be enjoyed by Roman emperors. The team is led by the talented and much awarded Dominique Roujou de Boubée.

Several « cuvées » are made. There is one white wine as well as several reds using traditional grapes from the region: Mencía, Merenzao, Brancellao, Sousón for red and Godello, Albariño and Doña Blanca for white.

On September 16th, 2010, there was something of an unusual vintage. The Merenzao - a grape variety in Ribeira Sacra, was picked  and 85% of the wine's coupage consists of this varietal. Two days later the Mencia grape (5%) was picked. Finally, the Brancellao grapes (5%) and Sousón (5%) completed the picture. The Sousón varietal, despite arriving last, its low percentage and its long cycle, gives the harvest its own terroir, instead of using chemicals.
Following 10 days of fermentation and a not too long a maceration, 60% of the wine is aged in used French oak barrels and the rest is kept in stainless steel tanks for a total of 10 months.

Tasting Notes

A promising low robe of purples and browns. Expressive, intense in the nose, with a hint of wild notes that disappear with aeration, giving way to aromas of dried blueberry, storm, wet earth, fern, and thyme.
Sharp and airy in the palate with very good acidity. Lightweight tannins, easy but thick, which give it a more smoky taste in the mouth (maybe the sousón variety?). Let down by its acidity and alcohol as they are less well integrated (?).Overall it is tasty and fruity, with a discerning glimpse of raw wine material. It has the Atlantic soil and character. It has a ripe and spicy finish thanks to its typicality, but with the St Joseph’s region style, lustrous and very pleasant.
It currently lacks time in bottle in order to add an even wilder taste, but I think there is good quality in here and lots of it.
The first thing that comes to mind with this wine is to have lamprey Bordeaux-style; its acidity would contend with the fat of the small fish and the stew would fuse with the wine’s spicy finish.

Unfortunately, are not in lamprey season at present and since there is no other dish that can be compared to it, I recommend any pork dish. A Terrine would be perfect. A robust pasta dish, puttanesca style, wouldn't be bad either.

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